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Post-tensioning Contractor & Engineering Consultants

PTWorks NSW Pty Ltd specializes in the design and installation of Post Tensioning (PT) systems throughout New South Wales. Our highly experienced and technical staff have been in the post-tensioning industry for more than a decade comprising of engineers, managers and site teams. Our mission is ultimately to be the "Preferred Partner" to our clients by delivering the highest level of quality construction services, economical and innovative design solutions at a fair and competitive market price.

Services we offer

Design & Construction

Areas of Expertise

Post-tensioning in residential developements,

commercial developments, retail and mixed use developments, shopping centres, high-rise structures and low-medium rise structures. Value Engineering comparisons from conventional building structures to post-tensioning structures.

Post-tensioning design and construction packages to suit builder or developer. Our highly experiened and certified structural engineers are well equiped to provide the necessary structural solutions to your project requirements. Our D&C packages include material supply and installation, construction supervision and certification from our engineers.

Supply & Installation Only

Our experienced engineers will provide a competitive proposal to supply and install post tensioning as per the shop drawings and design specifications provided. PTWorks has a large quantities of materials in stock ready to be supplied to your next small or large project. Our team of site supervisors have over 10 years post-tensioning experience and are well equipped for the next big challenge.


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Project Profile

Our Team

Michael Ng


BEng, MIEAust, CPEng

Michael is a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of building construction and project management as an Engineer, Builder and Developer. Having worked both in Australia and Singapore, Michael’s expertise extends across sectors such as High-Rise Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Civil.

Mark Azzi


BEng, Civil Engineering

Mark is a qualified Civil Engineer with over 10 years of Post Tensioning and management experience in various sectors of civil, industrial, commercial & Residential construction projects. He has worked with one of Australia's leading Post Tensioning Companies as the NSW Construction Manager. Having worked on some of Australia's largest construction & infrastructure projects, allows him and his team of project engineers to efficiently carry out all aspects of the supply and installation of the specialist PTWORKS services available. 

Ben Cheong




Ben is a chartered structural engineer with over 26 years of structural engineering, post-tensioning design and management experience.  He has worked with engineering consultancies both overseas and in Australia, and for over 18 years he was one of the key personnel at one of  Australia’s leading post tensioning companies. 

Our team

Contact Us


For any quotations or general inquiries please feel free to contact us below:

Tel: (02) 9644 5432


Postal Address

PO Box 338

South Hurstville, NSW 2221


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